Welcome to Aaladin of Arizona!

We sell what we have found to be the best equipment!

Our website tries to point you to the resources and the links that you need to make informed decisions, get in touch with us, or look into the finest equipment. Aaladin Cleaning Systems, has always focused on building the best equipment possible. Aaladin of Arizona is founded on selling the best equipment possible, that is why we chose Aaladin.

If you find that you want to speak with a human about what you need, we have a staff ready to help with just any question in this industry.

Give us a call and let’s get started!     (480)539-1122

You can also reach us by email at aaladinaz@gmail.com

We maintain the finest service department!

Our staff have been specializing in this equipment for decades and know what works. We also focus on the lifetime value of your equipment and our relationship with you.  So, if you are ready to have your equipment serviced by the finest shop available, come by or give us a call! We sell New and Used equipment. We sell and rent Trailers. We build custom Trailers. We service your needs and make sure that you have what you need to service your clients, period.

Why Choose Aaladin of Arizona?

We have the reputation within Arizona, with the manufacturer and with the people you compete with. We are confident in the products and the services that we provide, you will be too!

We’ve moved!

AaLadin of Arizona is proud to announce its merger with AAA Pressure Washers. We have moved permanently to what was their location:

254 S. Mulberry St., Ste. #106
Mesa, AZ 85202